Free trial course Saturdays at 12 noon

You are looking for a golf trial course, but you do not know, how to separate the wheat from the chaff on the golf trial course market. There are so many trial courses on offer: On the one side there are the particularly cheap golf trial course offers; then there are the ones with a trial course – green licence (Platzreife) guarantee, and there are trial courses at exotic places with nice weather guaranteed. For golf, all this is secondary. Ask golfers who have played for many years; they will all tell you: As a beginner you need first-class golf lessons. At the end of the day, you do not benefit from a golf teacher in a trail course, who is a great joker with an entertainment-diploma, who catapults his own ball into the horizon or, who gives you a dubious Platzreife-certificate at the end of the trail course.

Each trial course at the Golf & Country Club Fleesensee is led by first-class golf teachers from Oliver Heuler's golf school. There is even a free trial course every Saturday at 12 noon, which is given by Oliver Heuler himself most of the time. Afterwards, you will already be able to stroll around on the golf course by yourself – namely for € 20.00, rental clubs and balls included.

If you are then really keen on golf, you should book the next trial course right away, either a Beginners' Golf Course or directly the Intensive Course leading to the DGV-Platzreife.

In case you have questions concerning the planning of your golfing career, we will gladly give you advice on which golf trial course is best suited to you.

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